Mobility, from 3rd to 7th December 2018 in Žilina – Slovakia, was running really
great. Slovakia was very honored by 6 countries´students, teachers and coordinators
(Portugal, Romania, Latvia, France, Slovenia, Turkey).
Our school, the Hotel Academy Žilina, prepared a lot of activities, varied programe
and meetings to fulfill the project´s some tasks and goals. We made new strong
friendships, funny minutes full of creative ideas, relations, and talks.
All days our students were accompanying our guests and speaking to their partners,
24 students, about everything. They have been remembering every day this mobility.
Also they are in contact by mails, corespodence, and social nets, too.
We have attended a meeting at our local government, represented by its head, Mr. Erika Jurínová.
She was interested in the project idea a lot and experiences in this field in other countries.
The results of our good job ,will stay not only in letters, the cookery book, pictures, reports, baloon´s messages in air but also in our hearts for ever.